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Ruined 2 story building WWII miniature gaming terrain

28mm WWII Factory core set

Most factories, as they expanded, simply added buildings to accommodate what they needed. Some of the buildings were very large, and others needed to be much simpler, such as sheds, storage buildings, and joining buildings.

Sheds and storage buildings were simple buildings used for many different purposes and are great for adding fillers to a factory site.

The joining buildings are structures that were added in between buildings, such as the arched opening structure which may have served as a parking place or cover so you can walk from building to building in bad weather.

Other buildings were simply added to the sides of buildings if a shed was needed or an extra room for parts. This kit will give you what you need to make these, but even better, these buildings add an extra element to your tabletop game by adding areas for ambush, snipers and such, giving the feeling that in every shadow lurks danger. Soon you will start to appreciate why these engagements took so long. 

You can construct many of these as stand-alone buildings or even better, combine them to make larger buildings by simply  butting them up against each other. 

28mm WWII Factory

Included with this set is the chimney and fireplace kit.  As you can see, the fireplace can be added anywhere on a blank wall by simply placing the chimney on the outside wall to match the fireplace inside the building.


The model comes with the following parts for easy assembly:

  • 5 x Building bases of various sizes
  • 2 x Sheet #2 Small walls/ doorways
  • 2 x Sheet #3 Small walls 
  • 1 x Sheet #4 Shed walls & gables 
  • 1 x Sheet #5 Plain walls
  • 1 x Sheet #9 Small corrugated roof
  • Chimney & Fireplace model
  • 1 x Chimney base
  • Bag-O-Rubble

This is just one of the many factory sets we have and more to be added. Kits can be combined to make even larger structures.

28mm WWII Factory

Note the chimney and fireplace are built on different bases and are added to any building such as we did with this shed above.

28mm WWII Factory
Here is an example of two sheds butted up against each other to make one large shed.

28MM Factory Sheds

This is 3 of the buildings butted up together to make one larger structure.

28mm Factory Joining building

Add this building in between buildings to make a parking port or covered area for outside storage.

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