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Ruined European Village set

We are very proud and happy to release this set! The RUINED EUROPEAN VILLAGE SET has been in the planning stages for a long while and is now a reality! This set allows you to build numerous variations of ruined buildings for both the city and country settings! This kit comes with many parts to create a village scene with no two buildings alike.
Ruined European Village set
This model was mounted on 2 different bases and joined to form a large building! (base is not included in this set but sold separately)
Ruined European Village set
Note the ruined chimney. Not pictured is the fireplace which corresponds with the chimney inside the building!
Ruined European Village set
Several rubble piles are included to further enhance the buildings along with wooden boards!
Ruined European Village set
The models can be designed and formed into many different plans to make numerous destroyed buildings!
Ruined European Village set
Second floors are also included to make even more areas to place your models and enhance game play!
Ruined European Village set
Well and other items will be include in the set for even more detail!
Ruined European Village set
Many, Many piles of rubble to add to your destroyed village!

Closer lok at the Ruined Village Buildings
Take a look at the Closer look section for more pitures

Because the models come with many parts, you can customize the buildings to suit your desires. The building bases have floor joists and mud seals to mount the floor board section to. The roof tops have sections of shingles missing and the rafters are separate. Walls are in NUMEROUS sizes, some ruined, some not, so you can even make complete buildings if you wish. 

Boards are separate from rubble so they can be scattered around to make each scene different! On and on this set goes, designed to give the gamer and the modeler in you almost unlimited possibilities.

The model comes in the following parts for easy assembly:

    • 2 x single story solid wall w/gable
    • 2 x double story windowed wall w/gable
    • 2 x double story ruined windowed wall w/gable
    • 2 x double story ruined windowed wall
    • 4 x single story windowed wall 
    • 14 various ruined walls (with and without windows)
    • 8 x small partial ruined walls
    • 12 x ruined roof rafters
    • 12 x ruined shingled roof sections
    • 8 x ruined floor boards
    • 8 x Building bases (complete with floor joist/mud seal and packing soil around joist)
    • 6 x second story floor boards
    • 6 x second story sub flooring
    • 2 x ruined stone chimney
    • 2 x stone chimney 
    • 4 x fireplace w/bricked mount
    • 14 x various rubble piles 
    • Several wooden boards (to be brooken and added to the rubble piles)
Ruined European Village set
Ruined European Village set
This is just one of the many Village kits we offer. Collect them all to create a complete village for your table top.
 Ruined European Village set

Ruined European Village Building Assembly

Ruined European
Village set

coming soon!
Ruined European Village Building Painting 

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