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Ruined 2 story building WWII miniature gaming terrain

28mm WWII Factory Pipes & Gantries

This is a truly remarkable set. With it you can add all those pipes and gantries, catwalks and such which are found throughout almost all factories! You get many parts to make several structures  as you see above.

You can make catwalks between buildings, piping inside and out of your factory, gantries to hold your pipes or catwalks or simply to gain access to higher levels of the factory.

28mm WWII Factory Pipes & Gantries
The picture shows two "Pipes & Gantries" structures which are added to the factory. It truly does add a load of character and the finishing touch!

28mm WWII Factory Pipes & Gantries

The model comes in the following parts for easy assembly:

  • 2 x bases (5"x5")
  • Sheet #6 Walkways, ladder, & rails
  • 8 x Pipe sections
  • 10 coupling pieces
  • 12 Pipe elbows
  • 6 Gantry Brackets
  • 4 x mounting blocks
  • 2 hex blocks

This is just one of the many factory sets we have and more to be added. Kits can be combined to make even larger structures.

28mm WWII Factory Pipes & Gantries

The possibilities are endless. You can make many different constructions with this set.

Have a look at the building and painting of this set:

Pipes & Gantries Assembly & Painting

Factory Gallery

Pipes & Gantries
Assembly & Painting

Factory Assembly

Factory painting guide

Factory parts Identification

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