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Ruined 2 story building WWII miniature gaming terrain

28mm WWII Factory Large Furnace

The Large Furnace Set is designed to be added to any of the Factory buildings.  This model adds even more realism to your factory model by representing a furnace sitting high above the factory as you see in many real pictures of these buildings.

28mm WWII Factory Large Furnace
The Factory was hand carved by a master modeler, so each brick is different to give it a very real look.

28mm WWII Factory Large Furnace
You can combine several Factory furnace sets to form the rows of
furnaces you see in so many real factory settings.

The model comes in the following parts for easy assembly:

  • 1 x  Large cone-shaped bricked Furnace
  • 4 x brick walls
  • 1 x brick wall w/ mounting plate
  • 1 x Base
You can see the parts to this kit on the Factory parts Identification page
Note the metal plate on the base of the Furnace housing. It is there so you can add pipes (from the Pipes and Gantries) to connect to the plate and then to the ground for more detail.

28mm WWII Factory Large Furnace

The possibilities are endless. You can make many different constructions with this set.

Have a look at the building and painting of this set:

Pipes & Gantries Assembly & Painting

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Pipes & Gantries
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